How to get involved

Here at Moodspark we believe in involving young people in developing support resources that are aimed at them. This whole site has been developed alongside a young people’s editorial board and we want to continue to involve young people in growing the resources we post here.

Submit a resource

Have you come across something you’ve found helpful and would like to share it with others? Have you got some top tips you’d like to share with other people about how you stay emotionally well or overcame a difficult time with these helpful steps? Maybe you vlog about your interests and think it would inspire others to pick up a new activity. Whatever it is, if it has helped you stay emotionally well or picked you up in difficult times, we invite you to share it with others. Submit your resource here.


Get involved in HeadStart Kent

If you’d like to get involved in service development and the issues affecting young people in Kent click here and register your interest. Someone will be in touch.