Fun activities to build resilience

You don’t have to spend money or meet with other people to build resilience, it’s good to remember that there’s lots of fun activities you can get involved in from home, to help you build resilience and get through difficult times.

Talents and Interests

Investing time in your talents and interests can help you to build resilience. Even though your usual hobbies or groups might be cancelled right now, there are still activities you can do from home to build resilience. Why not join in with some of the following activities:

  • Languages – There are free fun apps available such as Duo Lingo to help you practice your language skills, or you could even start learning a completely new language!
  • Wildlife – Steve Backshall is running a Facebook live every day at 9:30 am to answer any questions about wildlife, conservation and geography.
  • Science – At 11 am on weekdays Maddie Moate is hosting a YouTube video discussing science and nature.
  • Dance – Weekdays at 11:30am Oti Mabuse is running a Facebook live dance class.
  • Try playing board games. They can be a fun activity for the whole family, and they are a great way to practice your concentration.
  • The National Theatre are live streaming popular theatre shows on YouTube on Thursday evenings at 7pm.
  • The Girl Guides and Scouts have online activities that you can explore! Check out the Girl Guides Adventures At Home pack and the Scouts online activities.
  • The Department of Education has worked with the BBC to create an online educational package, which includes wellbeing content via BBC Bitesize and social media channels which you can check out.


Having positive friendships can help you to build resilience. You can stay in touch with your friends, even if you can’t see them face-to-face. Here are our top friendship tips:

  • Try and talk to your friends every day, even if it’s just one message. Your friends might be feeling lonely right now and a message from you might help them.
  • Video call your friends at least once a week. This will give you a chance to see your friends and catch up. You may need to ask your parents for permission to do this.
  • Do things the ‘old school’ way. You could write your friends letters or postcards, or simply phone them once a day.
  • Even streaming channels like Netflix are allowing you to watch films or episodes  as part of group – you could have a Friday night movie night with your friends.

Emotions and Behaviours

You might feel very worried, confused and anxious at the moment. Everyone responds to experiences differently. Knowing what emotions you are feeling and how to cope with them, can help you to build resilience.

Here are our top tips for coping with your emotions and behaviours:

  • Be creative with expressing your emotions. You could create a scrapbook or a diary about what you are feeling at the moment.
  • Talk to someone you trust about how you feel. Talking to someone about your emotions helps to build resilience. It could be a friend, parent or teacher.
  • Try some mindfulness or meditation techniques. You can find more information on the NHS website including a free breathing tutorial from Every Mind Matters . There’s also lots of free meditation videos on YouTube.
  • Rise Above is a free website for young people, which includes tips about how to cope with your emotions, fun interactive games and hot topics pages such as the latest film reviews.
  • The ThinkNinja app is now free for young people aged 10-16. It can help you to build resilience and manage your mental health. There is even a section about Covid-19 if you are struggling as a result of the pandemic.


Making healthy lifestyle choices are an important part of building resilience. Check out the following online activities to maintain your health at home:

  • BBC Good Food have been sharing healthy, easy recipes you can create with short supplies. Find out more.
  • Jack Monroe shares recipes you can cook on a budget, or using items you may already have. Find out more.
  • CorePower Yoga do a Yoga livestream every day, which is available on their YouTube channel

Virtual Activities in Kent

There are still activities in Kent happening, they’ve just moved online!

  • Tunbridge Wells Youth Hub are hosting an online youth group. To get involved message their Instagram page.
  • Medway Youth Council are doing livestream sessions on their Instagram page every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 6pm.
  • InfoZone Youth Hub in Maidstone are running a virtual group on Thursdays which includes talent shows and a disco! Join their Facebook group to find out more
  • Sk8side Youth Centre can process AQA Units for young people. Visit their website to explore the units that can be processed.
  • You can find other online youth club activities by area on Kent County Council’s website