Learn how to Vlog

A young woman is filming herself giving make-up tutorials using a smartphone on a tripod

Having an interest or an outlet can really help you to manage your emotional health. Whether you love football or fashion or want to start a new activity, this vlogging series could be something of interest to you. With the help of YouTuber and Instagrammer Harry Seaton we’ve created a series of 8 films to take you through the process of making vlogs. You may want to keep a private video journal to help get your feelings out or share tips on how you  look after your own mental health through using your new found vlogging skills. Maybe you want to share your passions and talents through starting your own channel and inspiring others to try the things you love.

We’d love it if you would like to share your content with us. If you think your vlogs might help young people by inspiring them to try new activities or you have some great tips on taking care of yourself we’d love to see your work. You can upload your content for consideration here.


We hope you find our tutorials helpful.

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