ABC of self care

Self-care is all about the little things. Taking the time to do something you want to to do. It may mean trying something new, or it may mean just taking time out. The important part, is you are doing it to make yourself feel good.

This list of self-care tips was developed by young people in Kent. Take a read, grab some inspiration, and why not have a go at some of their suggestions, or you could even make an ABC of self-care that is just for you!

A - Ask for helpB - Drink a bubble teaC- Get CreativeD - Have a duvet day  E - Go out and exploreF - spend time with friends and familyG - Do some gardeningH - Help someonei - Have some ice creamJ - keep a journalK - Be kindL - Love yourselfM - Listen to musicN - Plan a night walk  O - Observe what's around youP - Plan a tripQ - Have quiet timeR - read, read, readS - smileT - Treat yourselfU- Unfollow negative peopleV - Vocalise how you feelW- Drink plenty of waterMake a list of (e)xciting things to doY - Try YogaZ - Have some ZZZZ

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