When we talk about our health we should consider our physical health, mental health, and social wellbeing. We should also think about that of those around us, as their health can have an impact on us too.



10 Tips for Happiness

Try our 10 really easy tips to help improve your mood, boost your esteem and be happier! blue_arrow_right


Understanding Your Brain

Find out what happens to the brain as a teenager. See how this explains some of the changes in the way you feel and behave that you may have noticed. blue_arrow_right


Tips for getting cosy at home

Ideas for how to create a relaxing, cosy and comforting environment at home to help you feel good on the colder, darker nights. blue_arrow_right


What is Mindfulness?

A quick introduction to what Mindfulness is and how it can help us calm our busy minds.


A Mindfulness Story

This is a story about living more in the present moment to help you achieve greater happiness.


How Not to Get Distracted by Your Phone

Ideas and tips for things you can do that will help prevent you from being distracted by your phone as well as manage the amount of time you spend using it. blue_arrow_right