This is all about how you enjoy learning, taking opportunities to try new things and thinking about your future.

Starting a new school – advice from other young people

Young people give you their top five tips to get you through that all-important first week!


Top tips for making friends at school

Ellie Simmonds, Olympic swimmer, gives her advice on making friendships


Exam results advice

Young Minds give helpful advice around dealing with exam results


Where can I find out more about health related issues?

Where can I get more information on health related issues? blue_arrow_right


Dealing with exam stress

Watch a short video by Rise Above on exam stress survival. A quick way and easy way to get some coping tips. blue_arrow_right


How school and college affect your emotional health

Find out how your experience of education can affect your emotional resilience and helpful places to get advice and information if you need a little help in this area of your life. blue_arrow_right