Feeling secure

This is all about how secure you feel, within yourself, your relationships and the places where you spend a lot of time. It's about the bonds you have with your family and important people in your life. It's also about the places you feel safe.

Tips for getting cosy at home

Ideas for how to create a relaxing, cosy and comforting environment at home to help you feel good on the colder, darker nights. blue_arrow_right


Benefits of Mindfulness

A look at the benefits of Mindfulness practice.


A Mindfulness Story

This is a story about living more in the present moment to help you achieve greater happiness.


Try Angle Awards

Nominations Open!!!! The Try Angle Awards recognise the outstanding efforts and achievements of young people and groups across Kent. blue_arrow_right


George – Children’s Mental Health Week 2021

George shares why he thinks it is so important to keep in touch with friends and relatives blue_arrow_right


Thoughts and Actions

An activity for young people to try to consider their negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours as a cycle and look at how to change this. blue_arrow_right