Feeling secure

This is all about how secure you feel, within yourself, your relationships and the places where you spend a lot of time. It's about the bonds you have with your family and important people in your life. It's also about the places you feel safe.

Starting a new school – advice from other young people

Young people give you their top five tips to get you through that all-important first week!


5 things to know about getting your first phone

Getting your first phone can be really exciting. It's a whole new world of messages, apps, games, chats, photos and videos. But it can also open up a side of life that isn’t always good for you.


Have you ever been judged online?

BBC article: Scola chats about why people have judged her online. But it's not just strangers who can judge...she's been judging herself too!



What would you do if you received abusive messages from your classmates? blue_arrow_right