Friendships can be really positive. Having friends that make you feel good about yourself is important. Being a good friend is also important. If you are feeling like you do not have good friendships, feel lonely, or find it difficult to get on with other people there are lots of resources here that may help.

BounceBack Barry

BounceBack Barry gives us a happy song to remind us that although we all sometimes feel deflated, sad or scared, we will bounce back with a little help from our friends. blue_arrow_right


Top tips for making friends at school

Ellie Simmonds, Olympic swimmer, gives her advice on making friendships


What if social media makes me feel down

Nikki Lilly and Katie Piper discuss one of the major problems with social media - feeling like you’re not good enough. BBC article.


Best Friends and New Schools

Leah and Romi have been best friends since the start of primary school. When they both found out they were going to the same secondary school they were really happy. blue_arrow_right


What is Resilience

Find out what Young People in Kent have to say about Resilience blue_arrow_right