Friendships can be really positive. Having friends that make you feel good about yourself is important. Being a good friend is also important. If you are feeling like you do not have good friendships, feel lonely, or find it difficult to get on with other people there are lots of resources here that may help.

Understanding Your Brain

Find out what happens to the brain as a teenager. See how this explains some of the changes in the way you feel and behave that you may have noticed. blue_arrow_right


How Not to Get Distracted by Your Phone

Ideas and tips for things you can do that will help prevent you from being distracted by your phone as well as manage the amount of time you spend using it. blue_arrow_right


Try Angle Awards

Nominations Open!!!! The Try Angle Awards recognise the outstanding efforts and achievements of young people and groups across Kent. blue_arrow_right


Thoughts and Actions

An activity for young people to try to consider their negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours as a cycle and look at how to change this. blue_arrow_right


What do you do when a mate lies to you?

Everyone’s lied at some point, there’s no point denying it, so if you find out a mate has lied about something then try to figure out why they’ve done it. blue_arrow_right


What is Resilience

Find out what Young People in Kent have to say about Resilience blue_arrow_right