Friendships can be really positive. Having friends that make you feel good about yourself is important. Being a good friend is also important. If you are feeling like you do not have good friendships, feel lonely, or find it difficult to get on with other people there are lots of resources here that may help.

What do you do when a mate lies to you?

Everyone’s lied at some point, there’s no point denying it, so if you find out a mate has lied about something then try to figure out why they’ve done it. blue_arrow_right


Tips for coping with Social Anxiety and lock down from Young Minds

Whether you've experienced Social Anxiety before lock down or not, and feel you need some support with this, follow the link to Young Minds. Here you'll find information, tips & suggestions of further blue_arrow_right


Are they really your friend? 15 signs that suggest otherwise from ‘Ditch the Label’

15 Common  signs that someone who you think is your friend may not actually be your friend after all. More information, resources and guidance on the 'Ditch the Lable' website  blue_arrow_right


Cherry Wallis on friendship

In this video Cherry Wallis tells us all about friendships – those amazing things that help the world go round and make life a better place *cringe* – and how to spot a good friend from a bad one. blue_arrow_right


How to comfort a friend in need

Words fail us all sometimes. We feel unprepared, unsure about what to say and instead of honestly acknowledging that, feel that we should say something to make things right.


Suli breaks on friendships

Suli Breaks understands about friends – and he’s not talking about 98,000 followers on Facebook (though he appreciates the love!) – he’s about the four or five actual friends he sees in the real world blue_arrow_right