Friendships can be really positive. Having friends that make you feel good about yourself is important. Being a good friend is also important. If you are feeling like you do not have good friendships, feel lonely, or find it difficult to get on with other people there are lots of resources here that may help.

Mental Health Friends Handbook

A handbook to support you to support your friends during difficult times blue_arrow_right



Free online support and counselling for young people across Kent


Friendship Guide for Young People

Advice and Tips for Young People by Young People on Friendships


Sexting and Sending Nudes

Support, advice and guidance around sex, sexting and sending images from Childline.


How to feel confident saying no when you’re feeling pressured

Support and advice for if you are worried about being pressured by your friends and strategies for how to get better at saying no when you want to. blue_arrow_right


Understanding Your Brain

Find out what happens to the brain as a teenager. See how this explains some of the changes in the way you feel and behave that you may have noticed. blue_arrow_right