Emotions and Behaviours

It’s normal to experience a variety of feelings as we encounter different situations in life so try not to think of certain emotions as being ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ as all emotions are valid.



How to cope with your emotions

Sometimes our emotions can be a bit overwhelming. Find out how to cope with them. blue_arrow_right


Understanding Your Brain

Find out what happens to the brain as a teenager. See how this explains some of the changes in the way you feel and behave that you may have noticed. blue_arrow_right


Tips for getting cosy at home

Ideas for how to create a relaxing, cosy and comforting environment at home to help you feel good on the colder, darker nights. blue_arrow_right


Mindfulness and the evidence

Learn about the evidence for the impact and benefits Mindfulness can offer.


Benefits of Mindfulness

A look at the benefits of Mindfulness practice.


What is Mindfulness?

A quick introduction to what Mindfulness is and how it can help us calm our busy minds.