Emotions and Behaviours

It’s normal to experience a variety of feelings as we encounter different situations in life so try not to think of certain emotions as being ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ as all emotions are valid.




What would you do if you received abusive messages from your classmates? blue_arrow_right


BounceBack Barry

BounceBack Barry gives us a happy song to remind us that although we all sometimes feel deflated, sad or scared, we will bounce back with a little help from our friends. blue_arrow_right


Perrie Edwards on anxiety

Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards has revealed that she has been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Read more about her story in this BBC article.


Mental health: why is it hard to talk about

This BBC guide explores why it can be difficult to talk about mental health problems.


What is a mental health problem

When people say mental health, they are talking about how people think and feel, and how they are coping with things that are happening in their life. This BBC article tells you more.


Top tips for making friends at school

Ellie Simmonds, Olympic swimmer, gives her advice on making friendships