How school and college affect your emotional health

Unhappy girl being gossiped about by peers

Your experience of education is all about how you enjoy learning, taking opportunities to try new things and thinking about your future. If this experience isn’t a good one or has difficulties for you it can affect your emotional health and make school or college a tough place.

School can be a complicated place to be. Workload can be stressful, relationships with teachers and friends can make life difficult. Is something making school or college difficult for you?

  • I’m being bullied
  • I’m finding work difficult
  • I’m having problems concentrating
  • I’m worried about exams
  • I can’t make friends
  • I don’t know what subjects to choose
  • I don’t see the point of school

Whether you love it or hate it, school can sometimes cause problems.

Moodspark have found some useful places for you to get advice and information that may help if this is a part of your life that is a bit difficult right now.

For more information, advice and guidance on these issues, and more, check out Childline

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