Ideas for self care

Taking care of yourself isn’t easy. We all suffer from time to time so why not try one of the suggestions below, you’ll be surprised how little changes can make a big difference.



Reading is a great way to relax. You can do it lying down or snuggled in a chair. It is also a great way to escape. Reading is less ‘busy’ on the brain than watching videos or TV. You can read at your own pace, choose your escape, whether a story, fact book or reading about someone you admire in an autobiography. Give it a try. You might love it.


Think of things that make you happy, say nice things to yourself, think of reasons to be thankful and let it show on your face. You might give a smile to someone else!

Take your meds

If you are prescribed medication to help you feel better then it is important that you take it. It will have been prescribed to help you feel better so you owe it to yourself to look after your emotional and physical health.

Find balance/yoga meditate

Take a look at mindfulness or meditation. Taking time out to be in the moment is proven to ease stress and anxiety.

Keep things tidy

Clutter and disorganisation can make the mind anxious. Take care of the space around you and make it look how you’d like to feel: organised and calm.

Ground yourself

Grounding is a good exercise for stress relief and self care. Take a look at our grounding exercise in Moodspark.

Be in or near water

Water has a calming influence. Take a bath with dim lighting, walk near the sea or a river. Even watching waves ebb and flow on youtube might help you relax….make sure you turn the sound on to hear the waves.

Spend time with furry friends

If you have a pet, go hang out with them. If you don’t then you can walk a dog with a friend or just check out cute vids of animals on the internet. Animals are proven to have a calming influence on our moods.

Look at the stars

This is a good excuse to lie on the floor and remind yourself that the universe is big and beautiful, the days come and go and can help you to appreciate the simple things like a glittery night sky (try and pick a clear night)


Engage your creative brain. It helps to switch off the busy brain and may leave you with a lovely picture, some creative writing or a song by the end of your session.

Go out in nature

Take time out from the distraction of home or other busy places by getting away from the noise, appreciating nature and focussing on the sights and sounds of the outdoors (it is also sneaky exercise)

Hug someone

Everyone likes a hug. This is another proven stress reliever.

Say no when you need to

Having boundaries is an important part of self care. If you are too busy or uncomfortable to say yes, say no. It is ok.

Show yourself kindness and love!

Do nice things for you. Say nice things to yourself. If you would do things for others why not do the same for yourself.

Talk to friends

Good friends are important for our emotional health. Friends make us laugh and feel good about ourselves. They make us feel safe and valued. They are also a great source of support if you are not feeling so good.

Take a nap

This is the equivalent of recharging your phone. If you feel the need…..go plug yourself into bed.

Draw or write

These are both great ways to express feelings and creativity.

Drink some water

Don’t forget to water yourself to help you grow!

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