Understanding your feelings

Understanding where your feelings come from and how they can make you behave is really helpful. We’ve put together a collection of helpful resources that will give you a better understanding of feelings and ways in which you can manage how they affect your behaviour.

Articles we think you might find useful

  • How to prevent an anxiety attack

    Sometimes our emotions get the better of us. Here is a helpful exercise to use during those moments.
    An illustration of a young woman looking scared with a frightening shadow behind her
  • Things I didn’t know were anxiety

    How do you know if your feelings are normal and understand where they are coming from. This article may help.
    handwritten bubbles with examples of things that are 'anxiety'
  • Master Mindfulness

    Find out how you can keep your mind healthy with this step by step exercise in taking time out.
    Waves lapping on the shore with the word Mindfulness written in the sand on the beach
  • Looking at Depression

    Are you worried about how sad you are feeling? This article will help you to understand your feelings and what you can do to feel better
    Close up side-on face of young woman looking sad
  • Where do my feelings come from?

    Find out where your emotions come from and how biology has a lot to do with it
    A group of young people hold cutouts of emoji faces in front of their own faces

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